QUOD Values


About 75% styles across all QUOD collections use locally sourced natural fibers, and with every new collection QUOD aims to maintain this percentage or increase it further.


All QUOD pieces are produced on-demand, as and when a purchase is made (be it wholesale, or direct-to-customer). QUOD does not aim to mass-produce. We create every garment with object and intent. Majority of QUOD production is done in-house, keeping a strict check on all processes and standards.


All of QUOD collections are hand-tailored using couture and semi-couture techniques and finishes. The premium quality of materials and the final products are created with utmost care. Every stitch and seam in a QUOD product are made to last.


Many of QUOD’s products are multiway and multifunctional, thereby promoting a culture of multi-use. A QUOD piece gives the wearer the freedom to style it in a variety of ways, which makes QUOD products fit for every occasion, not just for today but for years to come.


QUOD is committed to minimizing its wastage through careful fabric cutting and using an optimal amount of raw materials in the production cycle. A lot of ornamentation, embroideries, or appliqué work on QUOD pieces is hand-done from leftovers and scraps of threads and fabrics.


All QUOD’s direct-to-consumer packaging is either home compostable, recycled, reusable, or a combination of these. QUOD garments are first wrapped in biodegradable tissue paper and then placed in multi-use sacks that are made from fabric scraps. All direct-to-consumer orders are then dispatched in either home compostable courier bags or in reusable boxes made from medium density fiberboard that degrades with no harm to the soil or its environment.


The QUOD studio in New Delhi is a 100% hand-tailored facility and employs skilled tailors, seamstresses, and artisans who work and produce in a safe and comfortable studio-like environment. QUOD knitwear is hand-knitted in collaboration with NGOs in the foothills of Himalayas that work with underprivileged women towards their upliftment.

QUOD has a strict labor policy with terms of fair wages, ethical work environment, and no child labor. QUOD constantly strives to sustain collaborative relationships with all its vendors and partners to discuss similar challenges and complexities on a regular basis.


With every progressive day, the QUOD team inches towards its commitment of being a holistically sustainable brand by evaluating, researching, and replacing materials and processes which are less sustainable. Being an emerging label, there is so much ground to cover, but a few honest goals QUOD has laid down for itself for the next two years are:

  • Aiming to shift to 100% locally sourced organic cotton and wool by 2024
  • Adopting 100% organic and natural dyes with least or no harmful effects by 2024
  • Committed to shifting to 100% home compostable packaging for wholesale trade by 2024